Building a
Bright Tomorrow


About Us

Bright Beginner’s Academy is a state licensed, independently owned and operated child care center. We provide hands on experiences, developmentally appropriate curriculum. Bright Beginner’s Academy is a center that is dedicated to providing a warm, nurturing environment where children can learn and grow. Our skilled teachers will help your child learn and develop through both adult interaction and group play.

Conferences are available at any time. If your child is content, you will feel more secure when you leave him/her for the day. Children are admitted to Bright Beginner’s Academy without regards to race, color, religion, sex, or disability.


Teachers document daily learning experiences throughout the year to capture growth and development. Through interaction and observation, teacher’s record student interests, quotes, behaviors and skills. To help illustrate play and various activities that students are engaged in we also take pictures to help document in their classroom learning!

The Role of the Teacher

The staff and teachers at Bright Beginner’s Academy are professionals who care deeply about the safety and learning of each individual child. They create a challenging environment in which learning is available through a variety of materials. The teacher’s play a critical role by being the child’s partner and helping each child learn many different learning possibilities. Teachers listen, observe, inquire, document, work together, and reflect upon the experiences of each child.


We respect and value the differences in each child as to their interests, backgrounds, family and home lives, life experiences, developmental needs and personality. We appreciate and value different family, cultural, racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Our aim is to enhance and develop the skills and abilities of your child through play. Our curriculum is based on the idea that children are naturally curious about their environment and that play is essential in our preschool program. Through play in a regularly enriched and well-arranged environment, children learn about their many capabilities and will develop their cognitive, social and emotional capacities.


Bright Beginner’s Academy strives to nurture each child’s individuality, curiosities, and instill a desire for lifelong learning, as we help prepare them for kindergarten and the world beyond. We will help them build a bright tomorrow!


At Bright Beginner’s Academy, we serve nutritious food. Our food menu is based on national food guidelines to ensure your child is provided with from all four food groups and that it promotes growth and learning. All meals are prepared fresh.

Help your child build a brighter future

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